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Terms and Conditions

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While you can request our assistance on an ad-hoc basis, we value building an ongoing relationship, e.g. longer projects and arrangements. The latter helps us with resource planning. Naturally, if you call us at the last minute, we may not always have someone available to help you.

Service, Contract and NDA

While TentaCom cannot guarantee Service results, we agree to use in good faith commercially reasonable efforts to provide Service in accordance with the Service standards set forth here and in our Contracts. Our contract is short, equitable, and includes an NDA. You may request a copy of our standard contract template.

Please note that if your organisation has to use its own or modified NDA and/or contract (which we fully understand, in particular with government entities), we do have to charge an additional AUD 50/hour on any work undertaken - this to take into account the cost of our legal advice on your documents, and ongoing overheads and additional risk related to such arrangements.

Implicit Service Contract

Any services requested and/or provided while no explicit contract is in effect are subject to our standard terms as described and referenced here.

Your Information and Privacy

Please see our separate Privacy Policy.

Ad-Hoc Consulting Rates and Terms

The rates for our specialist consulting work are available on request. We have a day rate, but in some cases half-days and hourly is possible.

For on-site consulting, only available for half or full days, we add travel expenses (car km or flight costs, accommodation). We can provide a fixed quote for this.

Invoicing and Payment

We will first invoice you after the initial milestone, or after a sensible first period for a longer arrangement. The default payment term is 14 days, although other terms can be arranged for in our contract.

You pay promptly at each stage, or we may choose to not do further business with you. Happy business relationships are important to us, and we hope to you too.

An invoice is regarded as paid when the funds are available in our account.

We accept payment though bank transfer (EFT), PayPal and Credit Card, and we can work with Purchase Orders. We do not accept cheques.

Let’s Work Together

To discuss your needs, please Contact Us and we will help you enhance your Security Posture!